Hyundai's next fuel cell SUVs have a reported range of 348 miles

That's 30 percent more open road.

Hyundai's next line of fuel cell SUVs will have a range of 348 miles, besting the current Hyundai Tucson by 30 percent, according to Nikkei. Hyundai reportedly plans to roll out its second generation of fuel cell SUVs in January 2018.

A 348-mile range would put Hyundai ahead of the Toyota Mirai, which travels 312 miles per fill-up, but behind Honda's new Clarity Fuel Cell, which travels 366 miles, as MotorTrend points out. Hyundai is apparently looking to price the 2018 fuel cell SUVs at about $50,000 a pop.

Additionally, Hyundai is set to debut its fuel cell-powered commercial bus in 2017, putting it in direct competition with Toyota, which has plans to do the same, Nikkei says.

Hyundai is also preparing to release its first all-electric vehicle, the Ioniq, in the United States next year. That model comes in fully electric, plug-in and gasoline-hybrid versions. Take a look at it in photos or, if you're in Los Angeles, take a free two-hour spin in a branded Ioniq via the WaiveCar ridesharing app.