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Apple is reportedly launching a 9.7-inch iPad Pro in March

Not the Air 3 as was widely speculated.

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9to5Mac is reporting that Apple plans to unveil a new 9.7-inch iPad Pro at an event on March 15th, rather than the rumored Air 3. The new iPP would join its larger, 12.9-inch predecessor and incorporate support for both the Smart Keyboard & Apple Pencil. Of course, with a smaller screen, Apple will have to resize the Smart Keyboard cover accessory to make it fit. 9to5Mac also reports that the smaller iPad Pro will come with the same color and storage options as the 12.9-incher.

There's no word yet on a projected price, however, Apple sources did relay to 9to5Mac that it will be slowing production on the iPad mini 2 and first iPad Air (and likely eventually killing them off) to keep its tablet lineup from becoming overcrowded.

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