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The FCC is getting tons of net neutrality complaints

It hasn't even been a year since the rules were established.

The FCC has unveiled a new online portal where anybody can see the kind of complaints people have been submitting to the commission. And according to the info on the website, the FCC has received 20,991 net neutrality complaints since the rules took effect on June 12th, 2015. That's an average of 61 submissions a day and is eclipsed only by the number of billing-related reports under the internet category. It's not really that surprising, considering the agency got 2,000 complaints a month after the rules took effect.

That number includes unverified submissions, and as Ars Technica notes, it's not clear how many instances actually violate the core net neutrality rules. But it definitely sends a message that people -- who tend to go straight to the FCC, because companies are actually required to respond to them after 30 days -- are dissatisfied with their ISPs' and carriers' services.

While 20,991 is a sizable chunk of all the internet-related submissions the FCC got (see pie chart below), it's still quite small compared to all the phone-related concerns the commission fielded. Over the past year, the FCC received 169,975 telemarketing-related reports and 78,876 submissions complaining about robocalls.

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