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Intense music game 'Thumper' is a PlayStation VR launch title

Get ready for rhythm hell on October 13th.

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Chalk up one more game available day and date alongside PlayStation VR. Drool has revealed that Thumper, its PSVR "rhythm hell" music title, will launch in sync with the headset on October 13th at a reasonable $20 price. As the developers put it, this isn't just a 2D game with virtual reality slapped on top. While regular TV gaming is an option, Thumper is built to create an "overwhelming sense of speed" when you're wearing PSVR. In short: if you take breaks, it may be less about VR queasiness and more about needing a respite from the game's relentless pace.

You may have a good reason to splurge on the game, too. Drool is teaming up with iam8bit to offer a $45 Thumper Collector's Edition that includes a code for the game as well as a vinyl soundtrack with art from key influencer Robert Beatty (who created album art for Neon Indian and Tame Impala). It might be overkill for a game that hasn't made a name for itself yet, but rhythm games have a way of sticking in your brain... it's worth considering this version if you know you'll get an earworm.

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