'Monument Valley' is the latest game soundtrack going vinyl

iam8bit has put together beautiful LP packaging for a beautiful game.

Monument Valley was one of the most interesting, unique and beautiful games released in 2014 on any platform. Forget that fact that it's "just" a mobile game -- developer UsTwo build an extremely memorable experience, and the game's music contributed heavily to that experience. If you want to immerse yourself in the game's soundscape, the geeky art purveyors iam8bit have just the thing for you -- the soundtrack for Monument Valley will go up for sale on vinyl tomorrow.

The $40 package gets you two LPs of music by Stafford Bawler, OBFUSC and GRIGORI; one of those records is entirely unreleased songs from the game's expansions Forgotten Shores and Ida's Dream. The other consists of music already released, but this marks the first time you can get any of these songs in a physical package.

As with other iam8bit releases, that package is almost worth the price of admission alone. The gatefold album artwork features some appropriately mesmerizing new designs on the inside along with an eight-page "story booklet." The records themselves come in a stunning blue and slightly less striking cream. And, as a nod to the fact that most of us still listen to digital music, the package will come with a code to download the soundtrack on MP3.

This is hardly the first game soundtrack iam8bit has released on vinyl, and iam8bit is not the only company working on such releases lately. With vinyl sales continuing an unexpected resurgence, catering to fans who love excellent gaming music and other beloved genre works is a smart niche to go after. You can pre-order the Monument Valley soundtrack from iam8bit tomorrow; it's expected to ship in Q2 of this year.