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'Red Dead Redemption' becomes backwards compatible with Xbox One

This Friday you can ride off into the angry sunset with John Marston.

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Still haven't experienced Rockstar's western epic Red Dead Redemption but refuse to go back to your Xbox 360 to do so? Microsoft has you covered. As of Friday, the game will finally, officially make its debut on Xbox One as a backwards compatible title.

This isn't the first time the industry has buzzed about Red Dead Redemption's appearance on Xbox One. Earlier this year it made a nebulous appearance on the console for eagle-eyed players before being removed by Microsoft, who claimed it was just a test and wasn't meant for the general public.

Obviously it was a test of the full release for Xbox One owners, who can now play the game on their consoles this Friday, July 8. Of course, you still can't play Red Dead Revolver, but hey, baby steps.

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