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Razer's second OSVR devkit is now available for pre-order

The cheapest PC VR headset just got an upgrade.

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If you've been looking for a lower-cost alternative to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive that doesn't skimp on hardware, you're in luck. Razer has officially started taking pre-orders for the OSVR HDK2: its second generation Open-Source Virtual Reality hardware development kit. The company announced this upgrade last month at E3. It features a higher resolution 2,160 x 1,200 low-persistence OLED 441 PPI display, a winder, 110-degree field of view and a 90Hz refresh-rate -- specs on par with what you'll find in other commercial VR headsets.

Razer is pitching the HDK2 as a competitor to HTC and Oculus' headsets at a fraction of the cost. The new OSVR rig will set you back $399, compared to the $799 and $599 pricetags affixed to mainstream hardware -- but that doesn't mean it's necessarily a better value. For one, we found that both the HTC and Oculus rigs have a better build quality than Razer's HDK2. There's also a small gap in accessories and features: the single-point tracking of the OSVR headset's IR camera tracking can't quite live up to the room-scale VR offered by the HTC Vive.

On the other hand, Razer's kit is technically a development kit -- one that's not only affordable, but now features display specs that match consumer hardware. It's not the best option on the market, but it's definitely the most affordable for gamers and developers on a budget. Plus, it comes with two free games: Decent: Underground and Radial G: Racing Revolved.

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