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Korg brings the iconic ARP Odyssey synth to iOS

Put a classic analog instrument on your iPad or iPhone for $20.
Billy Steele
11.01.16 in AV

Synthesizer companies have a knack for bringing digital versions of analog gear to mobile devices so hobbyists and pros alike can get creative with ease. Earlier this year, Moog released a $30 app that brought the legendary (and massive) Model 15 to the iPad. Korg already has synth apps under its belt, including a more mobile version of its M1, and now its introducing another. Based on the iconic ARP Odyssey, the company built the appropriately-named ARP ODYSSEi mobile software for iOS.

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This $20 iOS app houses versions of all three ARP Odyssey analog synths. Yes, that includes the 2015 reissue that offered an updated take on two well-respected instruments. Korg said it wasn't content with just reproducing the sounds of those synthesizers for the app, so it put its Circuit Modeling Technology (CMT) to use so that the sounds you're able to make with your iPad or iPhone are as close as possible to the physical gear.

The three filter types and Drive function from the 2015 model are here on the digital version of the ARP Odyssey, but new effects, a voice assign mode and a programmable arpeggiator expand the functionality of the instruments even further. This new ODYSSEi app can be put to work with Korg's own DAW software and GarageBand if you're looking to do more than just tinker with the virtual controls to make some noise. The company says the $20 price is "introductory," so you might end up paying more if you wait too long to commit. For now, you can hear the app in action via the video below.

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