Korg brings its classic M1 synthesizer to the iPad

If you're fond making classic synth sounds with your iPad, Korg offers quite the library of apps that'll do just that. As of this week, there's a new addition: the M1 digital synthesizer and music workstation. The "complete reproduction" of the instrument is available for Apple slates as the iM1 app, and thanks to detailed circuit analysis by its engineers, Korg says the software carries the sound of the original and then some. These are sounds you've likely heard from Depeche Mode, The Cure and others. The included effects were bumped from two up to 18 and there's a Kaoss pad for adjusting audio with swipe -- both of which are new items absent on the original M1. If you're familiar with synthesizers, the Kaoss feature mimics that touch-friendly surface for tweaking sounds found other other synths like the Moog Voyager XL.

The iM1 app also plays nice with MIDI controllers like Korg's own compact keyboards. You'll need to be serious about your mobile production habit, though, as the iOS software costs $20/£15. There are a couple of card expansion packs too, which bring tones of the M1EX and T-series synths to the party. Sound too good to pass up? iM1 is available at iTunes now.