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Microsoft's Paint 3D app arrives on Windows 10 preview

Say goodbye to cheesy pixels and hello to cheesy 3D clip-art.

Microsoft has incorporated its revamped Paint 3D app into the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview build. First announced as part of the Windows 10 Creators update, it has nothing to do with the crude raster tool that has been the butt of jokes since Windows 1.0. Rather, it's more of a 3D app for the masses that lets you create complex scenes with relative ease. You can scan real-world objects using a smartphone camera, use 3D "clipart" created by by the Remix 3D community and even output your final models to a 3D printer.

Paint 3D and Remix 3D will only be available in English for now, Microsoft says, but it'll expand regions and languages soon. Going forward, the app will be a permanent (and free) part of Windows 10. Other new features include ePub reading in Microsoft Edge (with three themes), PowerShell as the defacto File Explorer command shell, improved language support and, of course, a bunch of bug fixes. The Windows 10 Preview build (14971) is now rolling out to Insiders on the Fast Ring, Microsoft's update system for braver users who want new stuff as quickly as possible.

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