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Xbox One games stream to your Oculus Rift on December 12th

Facebook's VR headset is now a private space for your console games.

You can already stream Xbox One games to your PC. But what if you'd rather not make it patently obvious that you're playing Gears of War? You're in luck. Microsoft and Oculus are launching an app that, as promised, will let you send Xbox One games to an Oculus Rift headset attached to a Windows 10 PC. The software, which arrives December 12th, won't magically turn your favorite titles into virtual reality experiences. Instead, you're getting a Netflix-style virtual screen. This is more for private gameplay (say, to prevent your kids from seeing gore) or giving yourself a larger screen than you can fit in your den.

The app will be free, although this clearly isn't the cheapest way to play Xbox One games away from your TV: on top of the Xbox One, you'll need a fast PC and a Rift. Still, this might beat having to sit in front of your monitor the entire time... or having to awkwardly explain an ultra-violent game to your little ones.

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