Amazon Fire TV Edition televisions put its box in the big screen

Seiki, Element and Westinghouse will all have HDTVs with Fire TV built in.

Earlier today Amazon announced that Seiki, Element Electronics and Westinghouse will sell TVs with its Fire TV experience built in, and tonight we got to see them in action. As promised, the televisions pack the latest version of the Fire TV software, with Alexa voice commands plus the usual apps and tweaks. What they add to it are wrinkles needed for TVs, plus the convenience of not having to switch inputs all the time.

If you want to watch a Blu-ray, for example, speak the command into its remote and it's done -- no input number needed. We also got a look at the channel guide, which mixes and matches content from broadcast and streaming. These look like decent alternatives to other value-priced smart TVs with Roku or Android aboard, although there's no word yet on the price or release date.

Update: Just to be clear, we're told that the remote we saw was a pre-production version, so it could change before these TVs come to market.

Nicole Lee contributed to this report.

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