Audeze modified its in-ear planar magnetic headphones for VR

The iSine VR is compatible with the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR and the StarVR.

When Audeze announced it's iSine in-ear planar magnetic headphones last summer, the company also touted the device's ability to play nice with the Oculus Rift. Here at CES, Audeze is officially announcing a dedicated VR version of the TIE fighter-esque audio accessory. The iSine VR, as it's called, will work with the HTC Vive, PlayStation VR and StarVR headsets, on top of the previously announced Rift compatibility.

If you're unfamiliar with planar magnetic tech, it's a configuration that's typically reserved for bulky and expensive audiophile-grade headphones. Audeze revealed a much more affordable and compact option with its Sine headphones at CES last year. Planar magnetic headphones provide a wider soundstage, better frequency response and lower distortion with a thin diaphragm and magnets instead of the cone drivers most headphones employ. In other words, you get more natural and immersive sound to pair with those visuals from a VR headset.

The iSine VR headphones will be available later this month in variants that include connectors for each of those headsets. If you're looking to upgrade the audio quality for your VR setup, be prepared to hand over $400 when these go on sale.

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