How Hi-Tech Gadget Like VentiFresh Is Helping In Removing Bad Odors From House

Bad odor coming from your house or other personal spaces is unhealthy, embarrassing and intolerable. That stinking smell is powerful enough to make your guest run out of the house. While Exhaust fans and open windows help in reducing that stinky smell, it's time to move on and try the tech solution which can turn your life and reputation.

How Technology Is Helping

Gadgets like VentiFresh are surfacing and getting famous in no time. They are the Hi-Tech solution to these problems. Ventifresh uses a UV photocatalyst technology to remove bad odors in small spaces like Gym locker, dustbin, Kitchen, Shoe cabinet, etc. What we liked most about Ventifresh or any other gadget like this is their size. They are portable, can be installed anywhere and is much more powerful than baking soda, Chemical Sprays, and Room Fresheners.

The High-Tech odor eliminators will be a huge success in future, and one more time Technology and gadgets came to the rescue of humankind ;)

How The Device Works

Do you know that Chlorophyll is a natural photocatalyst which converts water and Carbon Di Oxide into Oxygen and Glucose? Ventifresh reverses this breathing process of plants and breaks down volatile organic compounds (VOCs), or odors in gas form, into carbon dioxide and water by using different mechanisms of the device.

These devices use ventilation with Photocatalyst and UV lighting to treat indoor air. Even NASA is using this technology to keep air fresh on International Space Station. Now the same technology is being used in portable devices, suitable for small spaces at home and office and getting ready for commercial sale.

Bottom Line

Odor Eliminator Gadgets like Ventifresh are compact and lightweight, Easy to install, Non-Consumable, Long Lasting, Energy Efficient and Chemical free. They are a sure shot solution to make home environment odor free, by using the same technology which NASA uses for Space Stations (It Is A Big Deal!!)