QuirkLogic's Quilla is a massive 42-inch E Ink whiteboard

The device automatically save your doodles in the cloud.

Canada's QuirkLogic wants to see an end to people taking pictures of their whiteboard notes with a smartphone. That's why it's launching the Quilla, a 42-inch smart whiteboard that's built around the world's largest electronic-paper display. Paired with QuirkLogic's connected-writer system, anything you draw on the display with the stylus will be instantly stored for retrieval later.

The product is the result of a three-year partnership between QuirkLogic and E Ink, the company that's been pushing electronic paper displays for years. The same technology will also be available from E Ink itself as a stand-alone display that can be used by the signage industry where low-power screens are useful.

The Quilla weighs 22 pounds and has a built-in battery that enables it to keep working for 16 hours on a charge. If you're sufficiently baller, you can even daisy-chain displays together to increase your workspace rather than simply moving to another page.

There's no word on pricing, although you can expect it to be significantly more expensive than, you know, just buying a whiteboard and writing things down afterward.

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