Your next home security system could deploy patrol drones's new security scheme uses machine learning to know when to call in its investigatory UAVs.

Security cameras are great, but only when they're actually pointed at whatever is going on. With's forthcoming smart security system, however, unexpected events will always be in focus, thanks to a veritable swarm of drone investigators.

Alarm has developed a machine learning algorithm, called the Insights Engine, that continually monitors sensors placed around your property to learn how things are normally run and to quickly identify unexpected events -- say, a break-in or a water leak -- when they occur. If the system spots something out of the ordinary, it will deploy a swarm of autonomous UAVs built on Qualcomm's Snapdragon Flight drone platform to investigate. These little fliers will swarm over the event site and provide live video feeds to your phone. You can also opt in to share that video data with either's central monitoring facility or directly with emergency responders. Finally we can stop relying on Lassie to alert us every dang time Timmy falls down a well.

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