Griffin is trying its hand at smart kitchen appliances

Prepare to “toast smarter."

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Griffin is trying its hand at smart kitchen appliances

You can forget smart fridges that will set you back thousands of dollars, because there's now a more affordable way to start getting your kitchen connected. Mobile-accessories company Griffin Technology today announced its move into "AppPowered" appliances with its new home range. Unveiling a smart toaster, a connected coffee maker and even a futuristic WiFi mirror, its new smart appliances aim to make your life easier on the cheap, thanks to mobile integration.

Claiming to help you "toast smarter," the new Bluetooth-enabled toaster lets users adjust temperature and create presets for different bread types from their smartphone, even allowing them to choose how dark they want their toast. Griffin's new connected coffee maker also works over Bluetooth, allowing you to adjust coffee strength and quantity through its companion mobile app. Both the connected toaster and connected coffee maker will go on sale before the summer, costing $100 each. Apparently we've been toasting stupid this whole time -- who knew?

Griffin's most intriguing product, however, is less reasonably priced. Retailing at $1,000, the company's connected mirror looks like something straight out of a sci-fi novel. Working over WiFi, this smart mirror shows you the time, weather, news and updates from other smart Griffin devices. Via the app, you can choose how much information is displayed and even turn it off completely in a hangover-friendly move.

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If you've ever wanted to be reminded of how late you're running while squeezing a zit out of your face, then your prayers will be answered in "late" 2017.

While Griffin is expanding into a whole new category, it hasn't forgotten about bread-and-butter mobile accessories. The company is also launching a couple of new mobile chargers that remind users to charge when they hit a predefined battery percentage. Because who has time to read anymore? The PowerBlock Beacon and PowerJolt Beacon will be out by summer, costing $40 and $30, respectively.

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