NVIDIA built an AI backseat driver for its new AI car platform

You'll either love or hate the Co-Pilot.

NVIDIA hasn't been shy about promoting its automative breakthroughs over the years, but now it's actually beginning to seem real. At the company's CES keynote, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang revealed an AI car platform that will feature an "AI co-pilot" to assist you while driving. It could, for example, map your face to detect your mood, or see where your head is pointed to alert you if you're distracted. And, like every good backseat driver, it's not afraid to comment on your driving.

NVIDIA Co-pilot has a pleasant, if somewhat stiff, voice, based on the demos we saw. But even if it's trying to be gentle, it's hard not to get a HAL 9000 vibe from its warnings. In fact, Huang mentioned it can even read your lips in noisy environments -- and we all know how well that worked out 2001.

Seriously, though, Co-pilot seems like it could be a useful addition to plenty of cars. It could make driving a lot safer until autonomous cars are readily available (and legal).

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