LG made a couple of robots just for airports

One tells you where to go while the other cleans up after you.

Get ready for some friendly robots in your airport. LG made two different ones -- one is the Airport Guide Robot while the other is a Cleaning Robot. The Airport Guide robot, well, guides you through the airport. Simply feed it your boarding pass and it will tell you how to get to your gate and when your flight is going to take off. It can also respond to your voice, tell you the weather of your destination, and offer directions in one of four languages: English, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Oh, and there's a giant display where it shows you where to go. It can even walk you to your gate, if you prefer.

The cleaning one, on the other hand, really just wanders around vacuuming up your airport detritus. It has light sensors, multiple cameras and sensor-laden bumpers to help it do its job while avoiding the occasional obstacle. Think of it as a really big Roomba.

As for whether you'll actually be able to see this in person, well, you can. LG has said that both robots will be deployed at Seoul's Incheon International Airport later this year.

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