Sky Mobile is now available to everyone

Flexible contracts and rollover data are its most tempting features.

Sky finally got around to launching its mobile service last month and, despite being such a latecomer to this crowded market, has managed to cook up quite an interesting offering. Only existing Sky TV customers and those who had pre-registered interest were invited to bed the new network in, but as of today, anyone can now sign up to Sky Mobile. Perhaps the key feature of Sky's service is data rollover. Any unused megabytes go into a "piggybank" at the end of the month, which customers can draw from in subsequent months whenever they hit their cap.

Flexibility is another feature of Sky Mobile. Theoretically, three different 12-month contracts are offered: £10 per month for 1GB of 4G data, £15 for 3GB and £20 for 5GB. But you can jump between tiers whenever you fancy, choosing the cheapest plan one month when your piggybank is bursting and a more expensive plan the next when you've little rollover data left.

The one catch is you're only buying data, with calls and texts charged on a pay-as-you-use basis. An extra £10 per month will get you an unlimited calls and texts package, unless you're a Sky TV customer. They get this add-on for free, alongside a couple of other benefits related to their TV package.

Even if you're not a Sky customer, the company's new mobile offering is competitively priced and as flexible as they come. The simple, SIM-only setup won't be staying that way for too long, though, with Sky gearing up to fold handsets from Apple, Samsung and others into the mix later this year.