Xiaomi flaunts a white model of its bezel-free Mi MIX phone

The new color for the ceramic body, 6.5-inch device will come to China later this year.

At Xiaomi's CES event today, it revealed a new, white color for its Mi MIX concept, a phone that is about as close to bezel-free as you'll get. As a reminder, it has a 6.5-inch 1080p, rounded-corner screen, but it's packed into a ceramic body that Xiaomi says is around the same size as a regular 5.5-inch smartphone. That's thanks to the lack of bezels, including almost no "forehead" at the top of the Philippe Starck-designed phone.

To better squeeze the unusually-shaped 17:9 display into that size, Xiaomi placed a piezoelectric actuator behind the glass to produce audible sound for phone calls. It also uses a reduced-size rear camera sensor that made the lack of a forehead possible. The rest of the specs are equally impressive -- you can get the full picture in our hands-on post.

The rumored white version, which has a pearl-like, scratch-resistant finish that Xiaomi described as "unique" and is coming out later this year in China. Xiaomi didn't mention the price, but the older black model starts at 3,499 yuan, or around $516, which is actually a lot for a Xiaomi device. There's no word of US availability for either model.

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