David Copperfield: 'I come to CES to get inspired'

The Vegas star doesn't just love CES; it also influences his own show.

CES is many things to many people. For the most part, it's the grease that keeps the mechanics of technology running for the rest of the year. For some, though, it's a veritable treasure trove of potential magic. Literally. David Copperfield, a stalwart on the Las Vegas strip and legendary magician isn't just a fan of the show; he walks the floor every year looking for technology he can use in his illusions. Naturally, he wouldn't tell us exactly what he's incorporated into his act, but we bet it's more magical than a voice-activated trash can.

David, and his Exectutive Producer Chris Kenner also brought along some historical artifacts to show the technology in use almost 200 years ago. The clever engineering and simple effect are principles that David clearly gets excited about. In the video above, he also reveals how modern technology like the internet and YouTube both help and hinder the magic process.

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