ICYMI: The Sleep Number bed keeps you cozy all night long

It warms your feet for you. What more do you need?

Today on In Case You Missed It: There were more beds at CES this year than we've ever seen before, but I was seduced, yet again, by the new model for the Sleep Number bed. Even though I'm a bit of an everything-connected-to-the-internet hater. Last year's Sleep Number model introduced a plethora of sleep-tracking sensors, integrated inside the mattress. But the 2017, Sleep Number 360 version kicks it all up a notch. It can use that data to adjust the firmness of the bed as you turn during the night, as well as pre-heat the foot bed warmer just before your usual bedtime. Probably best of all for couples: It raises the side of an offending nighttime snorer and ends the noise, no elbows required. The bed will run $1099 and start rolling out in the spring.

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