Every 'Golden Girls' episode is coming to Hulu

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NBC/NBCU Photo Bank
NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

They might be a little late to the Betty White party, but Hulu is adding a little bit of Miami warmth to its winter lineup. According to the streaming service, The Golden Girls will be available on Hulu starting February 13th so you can spend your Valentine's Day at Blanche Devereaux's house.

According to Hulu's Head Of Content Craig Erich, the show is an important addition as the service tries to round up fan favorite series and nostalgia mines that may also have appeal with new fans. Hulu scored a big win by snagging up the streaming rights to Seinfeld in 2015, but the company has recently been adding mountains of new streaming and live TV content from a diverse range of partners including Disney and CBS. Hulu is also finally rolling out individual profiles so all that Golden Girls binging doesn't have to mess up your whole family's show recommendations.

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