The Stylophone Gen X-1 toy synth is an updated version of a classic

Dubreq's battery-powered instrument from the 1960s is back with new features.

The annual winter installment of the NAMM pro audio show doesn't start until next week, but we typically see companies tease announcements in advance. British synth outfit Dubreq has done just that, pulling the wraps off of a new version of a 1960's classic before the festivities kick off in Anaheim next Thursday. Meet the Stylophone Gen X-1: an updated model of an iconic portable toy synthesizer that adds new features and new sounds in the compact package.

This new Stylophone remains an analog synth with controls for attack and decay alongside knobs that allow tweaks to filter and delay. There's also a LFO with both square and triangle settings and a pair of sub octaves. The Gen X-1 is still battery powered just like the original that debuted in 1968. What's more, that built-in speaker remains, as does the stylus you will need to start making noise. This new Stylophone has a 3.5mm jack as well if you need to connect the instrument to your other gear or a set of headphones.

As FACT notes, this isn't the first time the Stylophone has been revived. After Dubreq reopened in 2003, it released two instruments: the Stylophone X2 and Stylophone Beatbox. The company developed the first model back in the '60s and is currently lead by the original creator's son. Dubreq anticipates the Gen X-1 will launch in May for £60 (around $73, no word on US pricing yet). For now, you can get a taste of what the new synth can do in the teaser video down below.