Watch the first SpaceX launch since September's explosion

This mission will ferry 10 Iridium satellites to Low Earth Orbit.

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Mariella Moon
January 14th, 2017

SpaceX is busy preparing for its first Falcon 9 launch since its rocket exploded in September. The Iridium-1 mission will take off from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California tomorrow, January 14th, and you can watch it all happen live after the break or through the space corporation's website. This mission is headed to Low Earth orbit to deliver 10 satellites for communications company Iridium. They're the first 10 of at least 70 satellites SpaceX will be ferrying to LEO for Iridium's global constellation.

As always, though, the launch could still be delayed due to strong winds and other factors -- in fact, this Falcon 9 was supposed to take off a few days ago. We'll update this post in case that happens. Otherwise, keep an eye on the video below for the private space company's return to flight. It will begin airing the corporation's live broadcast at 12:34PM Eastern, 20 minutes before the launch window opens at 12:54PM.

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