Nintendo's Switch doesn't come with a charging Joy-Con grip

The Grip in the box is just for keeping your Joy-Cons in place.

If you're dead-set on owning a Nintendo Switch, you should probably start thinking about your charging setup. In addition to the main unit, you'll need to keep the detachable "Joy-Con" controllers topped up, which could prove tricky if you're playing the console exclusively at home. That's because the Joy-Con Grip bundled with the Switch (shown above) doesn't have any charging capabilities of its own. As Eurogamer reports, it's basically just a plastic shell designed to keep the two Joy-Cons in place.

For TV-based players, that could be an issue. You'll need to buy a separate Joy-Con Charging Grip for $30, or be diligent about docking the tiny controllers in between sessions. If you forget from time to time, it shouldn't be a problem -- Nintendo is promising 20 hours on a single charge -- but it's worth keeping in mind so that you don't have to cut short an important Breath of the Wild session. Alternative solutions include buying a Pro controller or some extra Joy-Cons. I'll be doing the latter so I can host some Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart 8 tournaments anyway.