PSVR mech battler 'Rigs' won't get any new content

PSVR's big multiplayer hope is all but dead after the closure of Guerilla Cambridge.

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PSVR mech battler 'Rigs' won't get any new content

Sony today confirmed that there will be no more DLC coming to multiplayer PSVR launch title Rigs. Following the recent closure of developer Guerilla Cambridge, it seems Sony has opted to cut short its initial plan for additional Rigs content.

While the ambitious mech-based multiplayer shooter won itself a loyal fan base amongst early PSVR adopters, Sony's decision to close Guerilla Cambridge suggests that the game's sales weren't quite up to expectations. Despite the closure, Sony told Eurogamer that Rigs' online servers will be unaffected, with the game still scheduled to receive patches and other "community support".

Formerly known as SCEE Cambridge, Guerilla Cambridge developed games for Sony for almost twenty years, making its name with the release of seminal PlayStation classic - MediEvil. While Rigs was the developer's first and last PSVR release, the studio spent most of its time making games for PlayStation's handhelds. The developer's lengthy career saw it not only bring MediEvil to the PlayStation Portable, but also big Sony franchises to handhelds, creating games like Little Big Planet PSP and Killzone: Mercenary for Vita.

In the run up to launch, Rigs' unique brand of fast-paced mech mayhem meant that it was hotly tipped as one of the jewels in PSVR's crown. With the studio managing to weather the storm of both the PSP and Vita's middling sales, however, Guerilla Cambridge's recent closure doesn't exactly bode well for PSVR's future.

Despite happily sharing PS4 sales figures, Sony has also remained ominously quiet about how its virtual reality platform has actually performed. This reluctance to disclose sales coupled with a lack of PSVR announcements at last month's PlayStation Experience means that Sony's silence on PSVR feels deafening.

With this month's Resident Evil 7 and March's Star Trek Bridge Crew serving as the platform's only major 2017 releases so far, Sony will need to work quickly to reassure early PSVR adopters that it was worth investing in the expensive new tech.

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