Amazon adds virtual Dash buttons to its website

The e-commerce titan has made it even easier to impulse shop.

It's already extremely easy to purchase stuff from Amazon's website, but now you won't even have to search for every day items you tend to re-order. Amazon has launched digital versions of its Dash buttons and has added them to its homepage, according to Recode. The digital Dash buttons, which enable one-click buying, reportedly started popping up on and on its app's home screen on Thursday night. Amazon will auto-generate buttons for your most recent purchases, but a spokesperson told Recode that you can also create your own. So long as you're a Prime member, you can use the new "Add to your Dash buttons" option that's now in all eligible products' pages.

[Image credit: Recode]

The spokesperson said the company decided to launch virtual Dash buttons due to the physical version's popularity. These also have the potential to be big, but it all depends on whether people choose to use them instead of just shopping the regular way when they're already on the e-commerce giant's website or app.

Update: This post said earlier that the physical version will set you back $4.99, whereas the digital buttons are free. However, you'll get that $4.99 back as credit with your first order, essentially making the physical buttons free, as well.