Apple is bringing the iPhone's night mode to the Mac

Night Shift has surfaced in the latest macOS beta.

SolisImages via Getty Images

Ask Mac users which app they install first and they may well point you to F.lux, which adjusts the color temperature of your screen to cut back on eye strain as night sets in. Well, that recommendation may have just gone out the window for most people. Users have discovered that the latest macOS Sierra beta (10.12.4) includes a Night Shift mode that, like its iOS counterpart, can automatically shift toward a warmer tint. You can set a schedule (say, when sunset arrives) and fine-tune the colors in case they're a little too pronounced for your liking.

It's not certain when 10.12.4 will be available to everyone, although minor releases like this don't spend a lot of time in development. Between this and Windows 10's upcoming blue light reduction mode, though, you won't have to track down third-party software just to help your eyes relax before bed. That's not to say that other light-shifting utilities are completely obsolete (F.lux has advanced features like a weekend sleep-in option), but they won't be as important as they are now.