Microsoft is making Windows 10 security easier

The "Defender Security Center" shows antivirus, browser controls and app settings at a glance.

It's easy to mock bad passwords and phishing scam victims, but PC security is hard to grok for the average user. That's why Microsoft is introducing the Windows Defender Security Center as part of the Windows 10 Creators Update coming in April. Within a central hub, you'll be able to see settings for threat protection, performance and more at a glance. The other aim with the new hub, says Microsoft, is to ensure that "you are protected by default and continuously protected."

The security center's home screen shows actions you may need to take at a glance and the "five pillars" of protection. "Virus & threat protection" is the area where you access your anti-malware app, whether it be Windows Defender or a third-party app. "Device & performance heath" shows all your latest updates, drivers, storage capacity and battery life. Microsoft also puts its "refresh Windows" program there, letting you do a clean install while keeping all your settings and files.

"Firewall & network protection" helps you see and troubleshoot network issues, while "Family options" is the spot where you can control and see reports on your kids' online activities. Finally, there's the "App & browser control" area that warns you of "potential malicious sites, downloads and unrecognized apps and files from the internet," according to the article.

Microsoft is also erring on the side of safety with new default antivirus settings. If your third-party anti-virus app expires with the Creators Update, Windows Defender will automatically start protecting you until you renew or replace it.

The Windows Defender Security Center and many, many other new Creators Update features are, as mentioned, set to arrive in April this year. It's also up on the Windows Insider Preview "fast ring," so you can now grab it if you can't wait until then.