T-Mobile slams DirecTV Now in free Hulu offer

After including it in a bundle, John Legere trashed AT&T's streaming service.

Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg via Getty Images

T-Mobile recently offered DirecTV Now for a year free to AT&T subscribers who switched to its T-mobile One plan, and now says it will offer Hulu Limited, too. In one of the more John Legere-esque news releases yet, the company took the opportunity to lambast its rival, using critical quotes that called DirecTV "a total disaster," a "complete mess," and more. "It turns out DirecTV is barely watchable ... so every former AT&T customer who took us up on our offer now gets a free year of Hulu on us," Legere said in a statement.

Even for the Uncarrier, its an odd move offer a service to customers and then rip it to shreds. Maybe it truly thinks that DirecTV Now is that bad; as Variety notes, AT&T's streaming service has suffered several outages, but those could be chalked up to growing pains. But then, using a free service as a new and interesting way to insult a rival certainly fits with Legere's modus operandi.

The new offer is for Hulu's $7.99 Limited service, not the higher price premium offering, but it's still a pretty good deal on top of DirecTV. The streaming data doesn't count toward your cap but, as before, you're limited to 480P video unless you're willing to pay an extra $25 per month for the "HD add-on" option. If you use more than 28GB per month, the company may seriously curtail your speed until the next billing cycle, too.