Improve Your Productivity with These Tasks management apps

"All I see are distractions...distractions everywhere!"
It's getting difficult to be organized and get things done in this digital age of information overload. In fact, it's very easy for anyone to lose focus on the most important tasks for the day.
To every problem, there is a solution. And to every digital problem, there is a digital solution. In this article I will be sharing tips on how these task management apps could help you increase your productivity.

#1. Taskworld
This is an all-in-one task management app that can do everything for you as task management, knowledge management, file storage etc. With Taskworld, you get to see your progress on your dashboard with analytics to prioritize your various tasks.
Taskworld will successfully help you track and achieve your goals. Some of its features are:

  • Task management

You get to create and organize projects, use task lists to create your own workflow, assign tasks and set due dates, save time on repetitive work, use comments to update progress, receive smart notification, get instant image previews with visual boards, track projects with timeline, create tasks in multiple locations etc. All these can easily be integrated with Google Drive, Box and Dropbox.

  • Enterprise messaging

You can easily chat with your team, create channels and groups, add and drop attachments, collaborate with project chat, reply via email, and be in the loop with mentions.

  • Overview and analytics

You can also get a complete snapshot of your workspace, filter workspace information, plan your schedule in a calendar, view project health status etc.
All these and many more features are what you will enjoy with Taskworld. You can start a free trial which will give you access to all its complete features for 15 days. Taskworld is available on Google Play (Android) and App Store (iPhone).

#2. Dapulse
Dapulse is the perfect tool to stay up to date and collaborate with your team. It solves the problem of managing and collaborating with your team effectively by promoting transparency and celebrating success. This is a visual tool that'll help you track the projects and daily tasks of your team.
With Dapulse, you get to manage and stay on top of everything such as sprints (web development), create roadmaps (products), social media schedules (marketing), sales, human resources etc. You can stay on top of your work with Dapulse mobile app available on Google Play and the App Store. Start your free trial by creating an account for free. All the best.

#3. Freeter
Are you looking for the ultimate personal productivity app? Just use Freeter.
Freeter is the perfect organizer for writers, illustrators, programmers, developers, designers, social media managers etc. To put it simply, it's is the perfect organizer for those who do. Everything in Freeter is grouped by projects and workflows. And switching in between projects is as simple as pressing CTRL (or CMD) + SHIFT + F.
Some sample dashboards are:

  • Writing a blog post workflow dashboard

The whole writing process for creating a new post on your blog is simplified with this dashboard. You can easily write a plan, write a post, find synonyms and go through your checklist before publishing your post.

  • Web development workflow dashboard

Here, you can access all you need while developing a website such as open website mockups with your image editor, open your project with your code editor, build the production version, browse project files, backup project files, site update checklist and a lot more.

  • Project management workflow dashboard

This will help you to communicate with your team and mange project tasks.
With Freeter, you can work on multiple projects, structure your workflows, upgrade your workflows, quickly organize to-do lists, access web apps and pages, execute command lines, store texts snippets and search the web smoothly.
You can also embed the most important web apps for analytics, blogging, calendar, chats, documents, email newsletters, files, forms, invoices, notes, payment processing, project managements, social media, and spreadsheets on the Freeter dashboard.
You can start your 30 days free trial by downloading Freeter as a desktop app for your operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X and Linux).

#4. Hibox
This is a web based task management tool for teams of any size. With Hibox, you get to enjoy group chat like Slack, manage your tasks like Asana and do video conference like Skype all-in-one. No need for any complex setup or installation as it's completely online.
It saves you time and confusion as your team grows. With Hibox, you feel connected with your work and everything makes sense to you.
Some great features of Hibox are:

  • Video conferencing

You can make one-to-one instant or simultaneous group video calls with Hibox by clicking the video icon. Also, you can get multiple users on videoconference and conduct virtual meetings with a click of a button. You have total control over your meeting experience as you can mute and turn off video capabilities anytime you want.

  • Your personal AI assistant

Hibox artificial intelligence (AI) bot will help you with your everyday tasks like creating tasks based on your patterns and suggesting possible actions. It can go as far as assigning your tasks to someone else in your team.

  • File sharing tools integration

With Hibox, you can easily integrate the file sharing tools you already use such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box, so that you can keep all your important information in the same place.

  • Encrypted and secured

You need not worry about the security of your files and conversations as they are all encrypted and hosted in bank grade secured cloud servers. And this doesn't require any setup from your end.

  • Available on mobile

Hibox is also available on iOS and android.
It has both the free and paid pricing options. The free plan is free for life and you have access to 5GB total storage for your entire account. The Pro plan is only $4 per month with access to great features.
These are my top task management apps that will help you improve your productivity.

Let's discuss about your experience with these apps or any other task management apps below.