Classic puzzle adventure 'Myst' comes to Android

The island calls.

Myst needs little introduction. The puzzle adventure game was a smash hit when it originally released on the Macintosh in 1993. Now, it's available on Android too. The latest port, developed by mobile studio Noodlecake, is called realMyst and features a bunch of improvements, including "dynamic environments," a built in hint guide and "bookmarks" for saving and restoring your progress. You will, of course, have to put up with touchscreen controls, or hook up a Bluetooth gamepad for some analog stick action. Otherwise, it's classic Myst, with the iconic island and devious puzzles faithfully restored. Can you remember all of the solutions?

Myst has been ported to a range of platforms over the years, including the original PlayStation, Sega Saturn and Nintendo DS. With good reason -- up until 2002, it was the best-selling PC game of all time (The Sims, unsurprisingly, supplanted it.) While the game has been on iOS since 2009, this is the first time it's been available to Android players. It costs $6.99, which might put off some, but at least there are no microtransactions. If nothing else, it should tide you over until Fire Emblem Heroes comes along.