Windows 10 finally displays download progress for purchased apps

A smarter name for night mode and a number of accessibility features are in tow, too.

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Windows 10 finally displays download progress for purchased apps

Turns out that Game Mode and streaming via Windows 10's built-in Beam app were only the tip of the update iceberg. A post on the Windows 10 blog also details a handful of extra additions for folks in the Windows Insider program.

First up? In a move to further Windows' accessibility, the Edge browser can now read e-books aloud. Edge also has some colorful new emoji t replace the monochrome ones that'd show up on websites. Beyond that there's also support for subtitles during the setup process (again furthering the OS' accessibility features), a name for night mode that makes sense -- "night light" -- and a download progress bar for apps and games grabbed from the Windows Store.

There's a raft of quality-of-life improvements too like fixes for crashing apps, screen flickering and even stopping Edge from crashing while sharing PDFs. Listing them all here would take quite awhile, so be sure to hit the source link for the full rundown.

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