Instagram is testing multi-photo albums for everyone

And the photo app isn't doing a good job of hiding it.

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Devindra Hardawar
February 1st, 2017
Philip Chang/Twitter
Philip Chang/Twitter

It likely won't be too long until we can all share more than one photo in an Instagram album. The company is reportedly testing out the feature in its latest Android beta release, Droid Life reports. Multi-photo albums was something Instagram previously reserved for its "carousel" ads for the past year. The closest thing regular users got to that was creating a collage with the company's Layout app, or making do with an ephemeral Instagram Story.

While Instagram's Android beta users can start building albums, at this point they can't actually post them to their timelines. That's not too surprising, though it's curious so many people can actually access the album builder already. We've dropped a word into Instagram to see what's up, but for now it looks like the feature could be coming soon.

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