An entire 'Pokémon' game is playable inside 'Minecraft'

'Cobalt and Amethyst' might have more gameplay than some official titles.

When you think of Minecraft add-ons, you probably think of mini games or the occasional clever machine -- fun, but you'll likely be back to the main game before long. Well, you might want to clear your schedule with this one. Phoenix SC has released Pokémon Cobalt and Amethyst, a Minecraft add-on that recreates the adventuring and creature battles of its namesake game with uncanny attention to detail. There's a brand new storyline, 136 (!) new Pokémon and many of the experiences you know, including a blocky Pokédex. Reportedly, it could take you longer to beat than the official Pokémon games -- Phoenix SC is estimating that it'll take 60 to 80 hours to finish.

Cobalt and Amethyst has some hiccups, which isn't surprising when the team is building on top of another game. There are some actions you can take that will break the game, and you're encouraged to back things up so that you're not stuck if something goes wrong. Even so, the work is impressive -- the 31 months of effort has resulted in a game deep enough that you might not return to the base Minecraft gameplay for weeks. Let's just hope that The Pokémon Company and Nintendo don't object and shut this down, as it'd be a shame to lose such a well-produced tribute.