Netflix wants its own TV merchandise empire

Books, comics, toys and more.


As the lineup of Netflix originals swells, it's no surprise to hear that the company wants to push into merchandising. As Bloomberg reports, the video streaming provider has posted a job opening for a "licensing, merchandising and promotion" senior manager, tasked with "pursuing consumer products" that will "drive meaningful show awareness." The move makes perfect sense, given the popularity of shows like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. T-shirts, caps and mugs seem obvious; it will be interesting to see how, if at all, the company experiments.

Intriguingly, the new job description references "books, comics, gaming toys, collectibles, soundtracks and apparel" as possible licensing opportunities. A Narcos graphic novel? Or maybe a special Stranger Things version of Dungeons & Dragons? The opportunities are endless.

A merchandising push would help Netflix on multiple fronts. The additional revenue would help pay for new originals, follow-up seasons, and the renewal of third-party TV shows and movies. Raising show awareness would also have the knock-on effect of driving new subscriptions. If you've long stopped paying for Netflix, but suddenly see someone raving about The Crown, you're more likely to consider shelling out again. It's a tactic which companies like Disney and Warner Bros. have long mastered to boost interest in their movies. Which leaves the big question: what Netflix merch would you actually spend money on?