Nintendo's '1-2 Switch' has 28 ridiculous minigames

"1-2 Switch" features simulated cow milking, face shaving, and baby rocking. Really?


Weird Nintendo is the best Nintendo. We now know there are a total 28 minigames in Nintendo's upcoming party game 1-2 Switch, according to the official Japanese website. One eagle-eyed Reddit user also spotted unlisted trailers for the bite-sized activities on the company's Japanese YouTube channel. We already knew about the simulated cow milking and sandwich eating; Nintendo revealed them weeks ago during a Switch presentation. But that was apparently just the tip of the quirky iceberg.

In Telephone, two people compete to see who can answer calls the fastest, with the Switch's Joy-Con controllers acting as the phones. Because office work is fun, I guess?

Then, there's Shaver, a competition to see who can groom themselves best. Runway has you and a friend strut down a pretend catwalk and strike poses, while Wizard turns the Joy-Cons into wands for an epic magic battle à la Harry Potter (cape not included).

The minigame getting the most attention though, is Baby, a nightmare simulator that turns your Switch into a virtual crying infant you must soothe to sleep.