Pros and cons: Our quick verdict on NVIDIA's new Shield TV

Not much has changed, but it has a better gamepad.

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NVIDIA's new Shield TV is a lot like its old Shield TV -- at least, on the inside. Still, the revamped Android TV set-top box is a lot smaller; it has a vastly improved game controller; and it's a much better deal at $200, since it includes the remote that used to cost an additional $50. The Shield TV also packs in a newer version of NVIDIA's GeForce Now game streaming service, and it can pipe over titles from your NVIDIA GPU-equipped gaming PC with full support for HDR. Eventually, it'll also include Google's Assistant.

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NVIDIA Shield (2017)


  • A better deal than before
  • New controller actually feels good
  • Remote is bundled in the box
  • Decent game streaming performance


  • GeForce Now streaming requires a subscription and additional purchases
  • Not so great for heavy-duty Android games
  • No big internal hardware changes
  • Not that much cheaper than a game console

The good news if you bought the last Shield TV? You'll have access to all of the software changes with a quick update, and you can snag the new controller separately for $60. The Shield TV still isn't a set-top box for everyone, but it could be a useful tool for some gamers.

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Pros and cons: Our quick verdict on NVIDIA's new Shield TV