Trump or nah? OkCupid now matches partners' politics

The revamped app quizzes potential mates for "deeper connections."

OkCupid has refreshed is mobile app with a new look and revised questions and categories to help you find a potential life partner rather than a one-night stand. The app already probed your interests and leanings, but has added 50 new questions including "Is climate change real?", "Do you feel there should be a ban on immigrants from predominantly Muslim countries entering the US?" and just "Trump?"

You can choose from a range of answers, and the data has been given more weight overall to find you a potential match. The aim, the company says, is to "help you find deeper connections," rather than just a hookup partner for the night à la Tinder and other apps (Tinder and OkCupid are owned by the same parent, but aimed at different users, obviously).

If you are looking for a less profound connection, OkCupid has also introduced a new feature called "DoubleTake." Unlike QuickMatch, which it replaces, it emphasizes more than just the main photo when you're swiping through to find potential partners, as shown in the short video, above. Instead, it lets you see up to four images, along with the user's name, age, height, religious affiliation (or lack thereof) whether they have kids (or dogs) and basic personality traits like "friendly" and "organized."

"With DoubleTake, we show many more facets of a person -- we're showing what makes people tick so that you'll have better dates and better relationships," wrote OkCupid CEO Elie Seidman on the blog. The feature was tested with select users prior to the main launch and tripled matches, the company said.

On top of the new features, OkCupid has a new coat of paint, with new typography and illustrations by Berlin artist Jay Daniel Wright. "OkCupid welcomes a vibrant community of progressive, innovative individuals," said Siedelman. "We wanted our new design to reflect that, and also represent the individuality of OkCupid." Now, if it could just fix the fake profiles and spam ...