Facebook now lets companies post job listings

LinkedIn might have reason to worry.

You might not have to visit LinkedIn or a dedicated job site to climb up the career ladder. Facebook has started rolling out support for job listings on company pages, starting with the US and Canada in the next few weeks. It not only puts jobs in front of more eyeballs (namely the world's largest social network), but promises to streamline many of the usual headaches for both job seekers and recruiters. It can automatically fill in a form with details from your Facebook profile, and you can hear back from your potential employer through Messenger.

The very nature of the platform also increases the chances that you'll see relevant jobs, although not always for reasons you might like. It'll show job listings in the News Feed if you've liked a company's page, and companies can pay to increase the chances that their listings will be visible to specific demographics. And if you're fully committed to job hunting, there's a dedicated jobs section on both the web and in mobile apps.

There's no doubt that Facebook wants to keep you from drifting to LinkedIn and other services, even though it's not quite direct competition. It's potentially a serious blow that could hurt Microsoft's dreams of being a go-to source for job-related tasks. However, Facebook tells Business Insider that this is as much about reflecting reality as anything else. Companies were already creating unofficial job posts on Facebook -- this just formalizes the process. In that sense, the listings feature could succeed just by addressing the need that already exists.