Huawei is launching its P10 flagship smartphone at MWC

The phonemaker's video teaser hints at dual cameras.

Huawei has confirmed that it's debuting its upcoming flagship handset at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona through a mysterious video teaser. Unfortunately, it doesn't even show you a glimpse of the phone. What you do get are the words "Change the way the world sees you," along with a photo of a hashtag and two eyes. That could be a hint that the P10 will have dual cameras, just like the iPhone 7 and its own predecessor, the Huawei P9.

You'll find a lot of rumors about the P10 if you look around. It will reportedly have two variants: the P10 and the P10 Plus. Both will sport 5.5-inch qHD screen, except the Plus version will have curved sides like the Galaxy Edge. It will apparently be equipped with a better chipset, as well, along with 4 to 6GB of RAM and 32 to 128GB of storage. We'll find out if any of those are true when the company reveals the device on February 26th.