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Chrome Canary adds support for MacBook Pro's Touch Bar

The feature could launch with version 58 of Chrome's stable build.


Chrome could soon follow in the footsteps of other apps (like the Microsoft Office) that recently introduced support for the Macbook Pro's LCD strip. Google has just released version 58 of the experimental Chrome Canary build, and it now works with the laptop's Touch Bar. Its implementation seems to be simpler than Safari's -- according to 9to5Mac, it has escape, forward and backward, new tab, bookmark and refresh buttons. It also has a search and a URL text box that activates your browser's URL field when you tap it. However, the search bar doesn't have word prediction, and you won't find any playback controls when you play video or audio files

[Image credit: 9to5mac]

Canary is the first stop for experimental features like this -- it can be a bit buggy, but you can run it alongside the usual Chrome. Since Touch Bar support came out as part of Canary 58, it'll likely roll out with version 58 of Chrome's stable browser, as well. It could look a bit different when it does become more widely available, though, depending on testers' and developers' feedback.