The next wave of Moto Mods turn your phone into a gamepad

Future concepts add either a printer or robotics kit to your smartphone.

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Mat Smith
February 26, 2017 1:01 PM
Chris Velazco, Engadget
Chris Velazco, Engadget

Motorola is teaming up with Amazon for an Alexa smartphone mod, but that's just one of a several new hardware add-ons set to become available for compatible Moto phones. The next wave includes a Moto-made battery extender (rather than the third-party options that are already on sale); a new charging adapter that connects to mods, allowing charge them separately from the phone; and a wireless charging back for even more juice options. Finally, there's a gamepad that packs in four speakers, lights and some preloaded games. Even more intriguing, however, were the concept accessories also on display at MWC this weekend.

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  • Multi-SIM card mod
  • A very Lenovo-looking tablet add-on
  • A charger for all your Moto Mods
  • Mini-printer Mod
  • Robotics kit Mod

Motorola also teased a mod that takes up to four different SIM cards, and a very Lenovo-esque tablet add-on: a charger for all your Moto Mods, and a mini-printer that lets you make physical copies of all those important selfies. There's also an unusual robotics platform mod that seems to attach to robots components. There's no word yet on release dates (or prices) for the new mods, let alone the concept devices, but the takeaway seems to be that Motorola hasn't run out of modular ideas just yet.

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The next wave of Moto Mods turn your phone into a gamepad