Here's what you missed from the MWC 2017 press events

One protester, two Pantone colors and a 3310.

All the big press conferences here at MWC 2017 are finally over, and that means it's time to bring you reports of the quirkiest devices and developments on the show floor. But in case you haven't been closely following the announcements out of Barcelona (we understand, there was a huge mixup at the Oscars), here's a quick recap of all the most important press events at the show.

BlackBerry made a well-received return with the new KEYone handset at an event that was, strangely enough, hosted by a member of the media. LG unveiled its new flagship smartphone, which ditches modularity in favor of improving the essentials. Huawei and Pantone spent a really, really long time describing exactly what the inspiration for the unique colors of the new P10 smartphones are, and we even heard that about half of the people who lined up for the event didn't get to enter. Meanwhile, Samsung stole its own show -- which ran smoothly despite a brief (and very polite) incident with a Greenpeace protester -- by dropping an official date for the Galaxy S8 launch.

Still, the news that has been generating the most excitement at MWC so far is Nokia's revival of the beloved 3310 phone. At its keynote event, Nokia called the 3310 the "most meme-ed phone in the world," and had a live choir vocalize the iconic startup tone before each executive took the stage. It's been a wild MWC so far, and we're not done yet. Still, at least the big stuff is out of the way, and you can now catch up on all of it in one handy supercut.

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