Google brings your Keep notes directly into Docs

That's one less browser tab you have to keep open.

Google's handy notetaking app Keep is getting bumped up to official G Suite status. According to a blog post today, Google has made Keep a part of the core lineup of cloud apps so users can pull in write and share their notes and doodles within their work domains. And while they're at it, the company is adding some additional functionality to make Keep even more useful inside of Google Docs.

In a separate blog post, Keep product manager Mario Anima laid out the new features, which easily let users drag and drop note snippets from Keep directly into their open Google Doc. Like the contextual Explore tab, the Keep tab is found in the Tools menu and allows users to search their notes in a side panel. Search results show up as cards that can be dropped into the main edit window and preserve their formatting. It also works in reverse: users can now add Keep notes directly in the sidebar of their open Google Doc, or just by highlighting text and right-clicking to select "Save to Keep notepad." The new notes will be linked to the original doc.

According to Google, the new Docs-Keep integration should roll out to everyone on G Suite over the next few days.