Google reveals the latest plans for its futuristic campus

The company envisions a campus with lots of green spaces open to the public.


Google's plans for its futuristic Mountain View campus changed yet again when it swapped lands with LinkedIn last year. The tech titan has recently submitted its updated proposal to City of Mountain View, and its computer renders show us what Google's new vision looks like. The canopy you see in the center of the image above will be located outside the existing Googleplex and will have the capability to regulate climate, air quality and sound indoors.

As 9to5Google said, the company also wants its campus to become a "destination for the local community," so it envisions a place with lots of green spaces open not just to employees, but also to the public. It's planning to build small parks throughout and a plaza with food stalls and the like. To make sure all the activity doesn't distract Googlers, employee offices will be located on the second floor of the new building.

You can see the entirety of the big G's plans in the documents (PDF) it submitted. Mountain View's authorities will have to approve the proposal before construction begins. If and when it does, the company expects the new campus to be completed within 30 months.