Google's 4K digital whiteboard will retail for $5,000 in May

Look out, Microsoft Surface Hub.


Google announced pricing and availability for its upcoming 4k digital whiteboard, dubbed the Jamboard, during its Next cloud computing conference in San Francisco on Thursday. The company first unveiled the device back in October and expects it to reach store shelves sometime in May.

The Jamboard is basically a 55-inch smart TV that you can draw on. It allows for up to 16 simultaneous touch points, is Google Cast-enabled, has a built-in camera and NFC as well as Handwriting and shape recognition. It performs the same essential function as Microsoft's recently announced Surface Hub, but does so at a fraction of the price. While the Jamboard will set you back $5,000 (plus a $600 annual "support fee"), the Surface Hub is slated to start at $9,000 and range up to a whopping $21,000 for the 84-inch model.