'Trinity' will be the first interactive VR sci-fi TV show

UNLTD's newly announced series will be coming to all VR platforms.


Virtual reality production studio UNLTD today revealed that it's working on the world's first interactive sci-fi TV show. Speaking at SXSW, the company announced the premise for Trinity- a show set in a future where humanity has long become extinct. With only a few surviving androids left on Earth, the story follows the robotic resistance as they take a stand against the all-powerful singularity threatening to destroy them.

After speaking about the challenges of filming in VR, producer John Hamilton promises that Trinity will be an experience which allows 'viewers to move around an episode in a way that hasn't been seen before'. The live-action series will be split into five fifteen minute episodes and is to be released on all available virtual reality platforms.

In order to create an experience that it deemed immersive enough, UNLTD opted to develop its own proprietary camera to film Trinity. Combining a mix of high-end visual effects, interactive engines and 360 scripting, we can get a brief glimpse into the aesthetic of the ambitious sci-fi with the 2D teaser trailer below.

With most VR content dividing userbases thanks to money-hatting from hardware manufacturers, it's nice to see projects becoming more platform agnostic. Behind the project is director Patrick Boivin, a pioneer of stop-motion video. The exact release date remains unknown, but a pilot will be given to "select partners" this fall.

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